Quotes of Educator

“ I pay the schoolmaster, but it is the school boys who educate my son. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ The first duty of a lecturer is to hand you after an hour's discourse a nugget of pure truth to wrap up between the pages of your notebooks and keep on the mantelpiece forever. ”

- Virginia Woolf

“ A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell, where his influence stops. - Henry B. Adams. ”

- Henry B. Adams

“ It's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers — they help us to learn. ”

- John Bradshaw

“ The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, The children are now working as if I did not exist. ”

- Maria Montessori

“ The lecturer should give the audience full reason to believe that all his powers have been exerted for their pleasure and instruction. - Michael Faraday. ”

- Michael Faraday

“ Experience is a hard teacher becuase she gives the tests first, the lessons afterwards. ”

- Vernon Sanders Law

“ A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron. ”

- Horace Mann

“ Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers. ”

- Socrates

“ Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. ”

- Charles W. Eliot

“ Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher. ”

- William Wordsworth

“ I'm not a teacher: only a fellow-traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead — ahead of myself as well as you. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ Feast of William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1944 The principle of sacrifice is that we choose to do or to suffer what apart from our love we should not choose to do or to suffer. ”

- William Temple

“ I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers. - Kahlil Gibran. ”

- Kahlil Gibran

“ One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil. ”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

“ She used to be a schoolteacher but she has no class now. ”

- Fred Allen

“ To wilful men, the injuries that they themselves procure must be their schoolmasters. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ The judges of normality are present everywhere. We are in the society of the teacher-judge, the doctor-judge, the educator-judge, the "social worker" -judge. ”

- Michel Foucault

“ The man who can make hard things easy is the educator. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Most subjects at universities are taught for no other purpose than that they may be retaught when the students become teachers. ”

- G. C. Lichtenberg

“ A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations. ”

- Patricia Neal

“ When teaching, light a fire, don't fill a bucket. ”

- Dan Snow

“ A good teacher does not draw out; he gives out, and what he gives out is love. ”

- A. S. Neill

“ Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain, With grammar, and nonsense, and learning, Good liquor, I stoutly maintain, Gives genius a better discerning. ”

- Oliver Goldsmith

“ Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value. ”

- Marshal Ferdinand Foch

“ What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books. ”

- Thomas Carlyle

“ We need excellence in public education and if the teachers can't do it, we'll send in a couple of policemen. ”

- Frank Rizzo

“ Prosperity is a great teacher; adversity is a greater. Possession pampers the mind; privation trains and strengthens it. ”

- William Hazlitt

“ Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills. ”

- Minna Thomas Antrim

“ One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. ”

- George Herbert
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