Quotes of Earthy

“ The mathematician lives long and lives young; the wings of his soul do not early drop off, nor do its pores become clogged with the earthy particles blown from the dusty highways of vulgar life. ”

- James Joseph Sylvester

“ The first man is of the earth, earthy. ”

- Bible

“ How earthy old people become — moldy as the grave! Their wisdom smacks of the earth. There is no foretaste of immortality in it. They remind me of earthworms and mole crickets. ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ By two wings a man is lifted up from things earthly: simplicity and purity. ”

- Thomas a Kempis

“ Some people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. ”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

“ She seemed a thing that could not feel the touch of earthly years. ”

- William Wordsworth

“ If the poor man's earthly lot is hard, it makes more welcome the suggestions of heaven. ”

- E. H. Chapin

“ An angel; or, if not,An earthly paragon. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ We must learn not to disassociate the airy flower from the earthy root, for the flower that is cut off from its root fades, and its seeds are barren, whereas the root, secure in mother earth, can produce flower after flower and bring their fruit to maturity. ”

- Kabbalah

“ Pregnant women! They had that weird frisson, an aura of magic that combined awkwardly with an earthy sense of duty. Mundane, because they were nothing unique on the suburban streets; ethereal because their attention was ever somewhere else. Whatever you said was trivial… ”

- Ruth Morgan
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