Quotes of Duchess

“ If everybody minded their own business, the Duchess said in a hoarse growl, "the world would go round a deal faster than it does.". ”

- Lewis Carroll

“ It was said of old Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, that she never puts dots over her I s, to save ink. ”

- Horace Walpole

“ Were it not for imagination a man would be as happy in arms of a chambermaid as of a duchess. ”

- Samuel Johnson

“ You can't make the Duchess of Windsor into Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. The facts of life are very stubborn things. ”

- Cleveland Amory

“ The Duchess of Windsor never tried to hide her American upbringing or her love of fashion, even though the English prefer a royal family dressed in gum boots and head scarves. ”

- Diana Mosley
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