Quotes of Doubling

“ Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief. ”

- Joseph Addison

“ Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping. ”

- Julia Margaret Cameron

“ Evolution is gaining the psychic zones of the world…life, being and ascent of consciousness, could not continue to advance indefinitely along its line without transforming itself in depth. The being who is the object of his own reflection, in consequence, of that very doubling back upon himself becomes in a flash able to raise himself to a new sphere. ”

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“ The liberal holds that he is true to the republic when he is true to himself. He greets with enthusiasm the fact of the journey, as a dog greets a man's invitation to take a walk. And he acts in the dog's way too, swinging wide, racing ahead, doubling back, covering many miles of territory that the man never traverses, all in the spirit of inquiry and the zest for truth… ”

- Elwyn Brooks White
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