Quotes of Disney

“ I found most of the Disney executives to be less than forthcoming. ”

- Jimmy Johnson

“ The Disney parks have been very, very strong. ”

- Peter Goldman

“ We see tremendous potential with Disney Fairies,... We believed it will become one of the Walt Disney Company's most successful properties. ”

- Robert Iger

“ It's a new era at Disney. From now on, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be known as Person of No Color and the Seven Vertically Challenged Individuals. ”

- Argus Hamilton

“ Disney World has acquired by now something of the air of a national shrine. American parents who don't take their children there sense obscurely that they have failed in some fundamental way, like Muslims who never made it to Mecca. ”

- Simon Hoggart

“ The movie people tell me they want out of Toronto,... We've got one producer with big Disney contracts we're talking to. We are looking for television series. That's bread and butter, day in and day out. It's all great business. ”

- Kathleen Blanco

“ With this merger we have a unique opportunity to offer Disney shareholders ownership in a new radio leader that will be well positioned for long-term success. ”

- Robert Iger

“ Nintendo is the Disney of the interactive world with its characters,... They have an incredibly strong library of titles. ”

- John Taylor

“ Disney and Apple are offering customers a new and exciting way to experience television. ”

- Unknown

“ We are in deep discussions with Disney and I can't comment on them. ”

- Unknown

“ After 10 months of trying to strike a deal with Disney, we're moving on. ”

- Unknown

“ Certainly the fact that Disney came enhanced what was happening. But what would it have been if Disney hadn't come? That's a big question. ”

- Arnold Palmer

“ I also love Disney, and will defend doing so, because there's so much in those films and I don't care if it's stereotyped. ”

- Tanith Lee

“ With Epcot Center the Disney corporation has accomplished something I didn't think possible in today's world. They have created a land of make-believe that's worse than regular life. ”

- Gandhi

“ I thought of changing my name to Disney. ”

- Larry King

“ Maybe in 20 years, when Disney rots and looks like sort of a pornographic version. ”

- Chris Noth

“ Heigh ho, heigh ho! / It's off to work we go. ”

- Walt Disney

“ Just about every actor wants to be a Disney cartoon voice at some point. ”

- Randy Quaid

“ To restore a sense of reality, I think Walt Disney should have a Hardluckland. ”

- Jack Paar

“ We really believe that Walt Disney is a very able company with great depth and a great set of franchises. ”

- Robert Iger

“ Always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. Walt Disney Every decision you make is a mistake. ”

- Edward Dahlberg

“ The restaurant is like a theatre: we do two shows a day and when you are doing Shakespeare you don't want to throw in something out of Walt Disney. ”

- Benjamin Britten

“ There is a relationship between cartooning and people like Miro and Picasso which may not be understood by the cartoonist, but it definitely is related even in the early Disney. ”

- Roy Lichtenstein

“ The values of the Walt Disney company: The four C s: Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, Consistency, and the greatest of these is Confidence. ”

- Unknown

“ Disney, of course, has the best casting. If he doesn't like an actor, he just tears him up. ”

- Alfred Hitchcock
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