Quotes of Director

“ Well, if you ask any filmmaker how they got into it, everyone came a different route. I've never actually watched another director work. ”

- Alan Parker

“ As a producer, I probably am a little stronger than most, since I was a director originally. ”

- Roger Corman

“ The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players. ”

- Blaine Lee

“ Every leader needs to look back once in a while to make sure he has followers. Source Unknown Effective leaders are known by the questions they ask rather than the statements they make. ”

- Unknown

“ The difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says, 'Go!' - a leader says, 'Let's go!'. ”

- E. M. Kelly

“ At last, President Bush has recognized what I have been saying for more than a week the federal response to this disaster must be managed by a capable leader. ”

- Nancy Pelosi

“ He assured me he was speaking only as the chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisors,... erudite and thoughtful. ”

- Charles Schumer

“ No strike could ever be won with a Communist at its head since the employers would make victory impossible. ”

- James P. Cannon

“ The use of a two syllable vulgarity by the chairman was rather ambitious. ”

- Mike McCurry

“ People make a big fuss over you when you're President. But I'm very serious about doing everything I can to make sure that it doesn't go to my head. ”

- Jimmy Carter

“ My interpretation of a strong director is someone who knows their story. That's what directors are, they're storytellers because they're directing where your focus is going to be as an audience. ”

- Dennis Quaid

“ I think every director has a different take, some are good, some are bad. The directors you get on best with sometimes don't make the best films, so who's to say who is right. ”

- Tim Roth

“ Women are leaders everywhere you look — from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes. ”

- Nancy Pelosi

“ Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. ”

- Sun tzu

“ A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master — gardener of his soul, the director of his life. ”

- James Allen

“ After my screen test, the director clapped his hands gleefully and yelled, "She can't talk! She can't act! She's sensational!". ”

- Ava Gardner

“ All film directors, whether famous or obscure, regard themselves as misunderstood or underrated. Because of that, they all lie. They're obliged to overstate their own importance. ”

- Francois Truffaut

“ Be extremely subtle, to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. ”

- Sun tzu

“ In England, I'm a horror movie director. In Germany, I'm a filmmaker. In the US, I'm a bum. ”

- John Carpenter

“ Managing directors are not paid to be busy, they are paid to think. ”

- Kenneth Cork

“ Many plays are like blank checks. The actors and directors put their own signatures on them. ”

- Thornton Wilder

“ My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director. ”

- Cole Porter

“ That's the trouble with directors. Always biting the hand that lays the golden egg. ”

- Samuel Goldwyn

“ Your audience gives you everything you need. They tell you. There is no director who can direct you like an audience. ”

- Fanny Brice

“ I try and balance it out. I mean, I don't want to be blabbermouth-young-white-director-guy, but I gotta help. You just don't want to get a disgusting sheen on yourself. ”

- Paul Thomas Anderson

“ I can't imagine working without and audience. And we had a great cast in both shows. And the great writers, directors-I was extremely lucky. ”

- Beatrice Arthur

“ I feel like my career is in its infancy. My father once told me that I had a baby face - my father is a director. ”

- Dean Cain

“ I think the wonderful thing about doing theater is that it's more of an actor's medium. I think that film is more of a director's medium. You can't edit something out on stage. It's there. ”

- Kim Cattrall

“ It's always different working with a different director because he brings his own thing to it. He brings his own discipline. ”

- Brian Cox

“ In the future, everybody is going to be a director. Somebody's got to live a real life so we have something to make a movie about. ”

- Cameron Crowe
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