Quotes of Differential

“ Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition. ”

- Alan Turing

“ Leaders create an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to do work which matches his potential capability and for which an equitable differential reward is provided. ”

- Elliott Jaques

“ Equation is a second order, nonlinear, vector, differential equation which has defied solution in its present form. It is here therefore we depart from the realities of nature to make some simplifying assumptions… ”

- Bate

“ How did Biot arrive at the partial differential equation? … Perhaps Laplace gave Biot the equation and left him to sink or swim for a few years in trying to derive it. That would have been merely an instance of the way great mathematicians since the very beginnings of mathematical research have effortlessly maintained their superiority over ordinary mortals. ”

- Clifford Truesdell

“ But how is one to make a scientist understand that there is something unalterably deranged about differential calculus, quantum theory, or the obscene and so inanely liturgical ordeals of the precession of the equinoxes. ”

- Antonin Artaud
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