Quotes of Deserf

“ The employer generally gets the employees he deserves. ”

- Walter Gilbey

“ Whatever is popular deserves attention. ”

- Sir James Mackintosh

“ True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written; in writing what deserves to be read; and in so living as to make the world happier and better for our living in it. ”

- Pliny the Elder

“ The underdog often starts the fight, and occasionally the upper dog deserves to win. ”

- Edgar Watson Howe

“ The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. ”

- Thomas Paine

“ The Goddamn human race deserves itself, and as far as I'm concerned it can have it. ”

- Elizabeth Janeway

“ When one does away with oneself one does the most estimable thing possible: one thereby almost deserves to live. ”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

“ The best argument I know for an immortal life is the existence of a man who deserves one. ”

- William James

“ Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident. ”

- Dale Carnegie

“ Only nature knows how to justly proportion to the fault the punishment it deserves. ”

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

“ One good act of vengeance deserves another. ”

- John Jefferson

“ Nobody deserves this much money — certainly not an actor. ”

- Jack Lemmon

“ No one who deserves confidence ever solicits it. ”

- John Churton Collins

“ No human trait deserves less tolerance in everyday life, and gets less, than intolerance. ”

- Giacomo Leopardi

“ Every man should be considered as having a right to the character which he deserves; that is, to be spoken of according to his actions. ”

- James Mill

“ If any one of them deserves to be a shrine, it's Paddington. Its departure board reads like a romantic novel, as it flicks its way through Oxford, Bath, the Cotswolds and the very heart of England. ”

- Mark Wallington

“ This book-amber-clear, cool and with a good head-deserves a thoughtful swig even from people who never drink. ”

- John Wain

“ Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer, deserves to be. ”

- David Thornburg

“ Harpo, she's a lovely person. She deserves a good husband. Marry her before she finds one. ”

- Harpo Marx

“ No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves. ”

- Edward W. Howe

“ Truth is the greatest of all national possessions. A state, a people, a system which suppresses the truth or fears to publish it, deserves to collapse. ”

- Kurt Eisner

“ Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ If a book is really good, it deserves to be read again, and if it's great, it should be read at least three times. ”

- Anatole Broyard

“ Only that education deserves emphatically to be termed cultivation of the mind which teaches young people how to begin to think. ”

- Mary Wollstonecraft

“ Life is an effort that deserves a better cause. ”

- Karl Kraus

“ It really doesn't matter if the person who hurt you deserves to be forgiven. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. You have things to do and you want to move on. ”

- Real Live Preacher

“ Like its politicians and its wars, society has the teenagers it deserves. ”

- J. B. Priestley

“ He who allows himself to be insulted, deserves to be. ”

- Pierre Corneille

“ No man deserves punishment for his thoughts. ”

- Anonymous

“ No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar. ”

- Donald Foster
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