Quotes of Dempsey

“ I am the astronaut of boxing. Joe Louis and Dempsey were just jet pilots. I'm in a world of my own. ”

- Muhammad Ali

“ When I was a kid, my favorite Oriole was Rick Dempsey. I just loved the enthusiasm he played with, and his sense of humor. The Babe Ruth antics during the Fenway rain delay were the coolest thing in the world and, as a kid, it really connected with me… ”

- Josh Charles

“ In the first round when Dempsey hit me with a left hook, I tried hard to continue, but I was rapidly losing my strength. My eye closed at that end of the third round and I realized that it would be useless for me to continue, as I could hardly see. It was hard to admit defeat, but Dempsey is the hardest puncher I ever faced. ”

- Jess Willard
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