Quotes of Defective

“ I never expect to see a perfect work from imperfect man. ”

- Alexander Hamilton

“ There are many who know many things, yet are lacking in wisdom. ”

- Democritus

“ Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes. ”

- George Soros

“ Military arrangement, and movements in consequence, like the mechanism of a clock, will be imperfect and disordered by the want of a part. ”

- George Washington

“ The only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others. ”

- Doug Larson

“ We are all imperfect. We cannot expect perfect government. ”

- William Howard Taft

“ To believe that if we could but have this or that we would be happy is to suppress the realization that the cause of our unhappiness is in our inadequate and blemished selves. Excessive desire is thus a means of suppressing our sense of worthlessness. ”

- Eric Hoffer

“ Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world. ”

- Robert S. Hillyer

“ The more mysterious, the more imperfect: that which is mystically spoken is but half spoken. ”

- Benjamin Whichcote

“ You may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not closed and the doors are not all shut. ”

- Maxwell Maltz

“ Both trials are marred with injustice, both are flawed. ”

- Ramsey Clark

“ Don't blame the mirror if your face is faulty. ”

- Nikolai Gogol

“ A certain type of perfection can only be realized through a limitless accumulation of the imperfect. ”

- Haruki Murakami

“ We worship perfection because we can't have it; if we had it, we would reject it. Perfection is inhuman, because humanity is imperfect. ”

- Fernando Pessoa

“ Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed. ”

- Dan Brown

“ Oh, I'm so inadequate. And I love myself! ”

- Meg Ryan

“ He that is robbed, not wanting what is stolen, let him not know it, and he's not robbed at all. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Perhaps art is a quest for the perfect, or even the imperfect. Reality always falls short on both sides. ”

- Anna Deavere Smith

“ Contentment is accepting the world as an imperfect place. ”

- Unknown

“ You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ”

- Sam Keen

“ The fact that I was a girl never damaged my ambitions to be a pope or an emperor. ”

- Willa Cather

“ The fact that I was a bachelor provided two opportunities or two handles that they might get on me, namely, girls or boys. ”

- Vernon A. Walters

“ Can anything be sadder than work unfinished? Yes! Work never begun. ”

- Christina Rossetti

“ If you have everything, then you don't want to go on. It's the lacking that makes you search for something better. ”

- Juliette Binoche

“ I've learned that it's OK to be flawed. ”

- Winona Ryder

“ Love and esteem are the first principles of friendship; it is always imperfect if either of these two are wanting. ”

- Eustace Budgell

“ People know they are lacking something, they are constantly wanting some kind of spiritual guidance. ”

- Douglas Hurd

“ I know our institution has been damaged... I accept my responsibility for that, and I intend to fix it. ”

- Howell Raines

“ Hope, the best comfort of our imperfect condition. ”

- Edward Gibbon
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