Quotes of Deafening

“ The moral effect of the thundering of one's own artillery is most extraordinary, and many of us thought that we had never heard any more welcome sound than the deep roaring and crashing that started in at our rear. ”

- Fritz Kreisler

“ If everybody thought before they spoke, the silence would be deafening. ”

- George Barzan

“ It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom. ”

- William Dean Howells

“ Spring is about to spring. Persephone is coming back and the ice is groaning, about to break with the exquisite and deafening roar. It's a time for madness; a time for our fangs to come down and our eyes to glaze over so that the beast in us can sing with unmitigated joy… ”

- David Assael
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