Quotes of Cryptic

“ The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ Maps encourage boldness. They're like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible. ”

- Mark Jenkins

“ I realize that if I wait until I am no longer afraid to act, write, speak, be, I'll be sending messages on a Ouija board, cryptic complaints from the other side. ”

- Audre Lorde

“ This is it. There are no hidden meanings. All that mystical stuff is just what's so. ”

- Werner Erhard

“ Humanity is never more sphinxlike than when it is expressing itself. ”

- Rebecca West

“ All history is incomprehensible without Christ. ”

- Ernest Renan

“ Let us not fear the hidden. Or each other. ”

- Muriel Rukeyser

“ The future is hidden even from those who make it. ”

- Anatole France

“ That's the way it is, but with Arsenal it is more direct. I'm not attacking anyone, just we need to play quicker and alternate things a bit. The earlier the ball, the better. ”

- Thierry Henry

“ It is incomprehensible that God should exist, and it is incomprehensible that he should not exist. ”

- Blaise Pascal
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