Quotes of Cripple

“ Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ Hey, you know what, I've gotta go on that 'Letterman' show. That show is so lame. ”

- Al Gore

“ I'm the lamest lame duck there could be. ”

- George C. Wallace

“ It is better to arm and strengthen your hero, than to disarm and enfeeble your foe. ”

- Anne Bronte

“ Punishment is lame, but it comes. ”

- George Herbert

“ The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be reguarded as a criminal offense. ”

- E.W. Dijkstra

“ I'm not the one who was elected. Although she disagreed with her husband on a lot of issues, she emphasized, I would never do anything to undermine my husband's point of view. ”

- Laura Bush

“ In football, you can always maim a person if you wanted to. ”

- Lawrence Taylor

“ Comparisons of one's lot with others' teaches us nothing and enfeebles the will. ”

- Thornton Wilder

“ Beggars invention and makes fancy lame. ”

- William Cowper

“ Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life. ”

- Unknown

“ Justice is lame as well as blind, amongst us. ”

- Thomas Otway

“ I was eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame. ”

- Bible

“ I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent. ”

- James G. Watt

“ Although there exist many thousand subjects for elegant conversation, there are persons who cannot meet a cripple without talking about feet. ”

- Ernest Bramah

“ We who were loved will never unlive that crippling fever. ”

- Adrienne Rich

“ Cynicism is the intellectual cripple's substitute for intelligence. ”

- Russell Lynes

“ The brain may devise laws for the blood, but a hot temper leaps o'er a cold decree, such a hare is madness the youth to skip o'er the meshes of good counsel the cripple. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offense. ”

- Edsgar Dijkstra

“ I do get angry some time, but if I let that feeling take over it would only cloud my thinking and disable me from making the right decision when it counts the most. I just try to think about my mother, children, God, and of course my freedom. ”

- Lonnie Earl Johnson

“ We must bend down to see God. We will find him there in the frailty of our humanity, among the poor, the sick, the lame and the blind. Yes, God is there and will always be there until the end of time. ”

- Unknown

“ Language is a field of battle, the media is the artillery, and vocabulary is the ammunition. The NWO has taken the field by storm, and is proceeding with coordinated attacks on several fronts, using all the latest high-tech vocabulary ammunition. They've laid a bed of land mines that cripple us when we try to stand on them: 'liberalism', conservatism', prosperity', 'democracy'. ”

- Richard Moore

“ Once you have heard the lark, known the swish of feet through hill-top grass and smelt the earth made ready for the seed, you are never again going to be fully happy about the cities and towns that man carries like a crippling weight upon his back. ”

- Gwyn Thomas

“ The word "civilization" to my mind is coupled with death. When I use the word, I see civilization as a crippling, thwarting thing, a stultifying thing. For me it was always so. I don't believe in the golden ages, you see… civilization is the arteriosclerosis of culture. ”

- Henry Miller

“ Remember that you are an actor in a drama, of such a part as it may please the master to assign you, for a long time or for a little as he may choose. And if he will you to take the part of a poor man, or a cripple, or a ruler, or a private citizen, then may you act that part with grace! s. ”

- Epictetus
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