Quotes of Counterproductive

“ The mug is a tool. My ace in the hole. To have looks is the bonus on top of what motivates me to be an actor. Not to realize they're an asset would be counterproductive to the cause; they serve the common good. ”

- Billy Zane

“ I don't like rock. Honestly, I like to listen to it, but it's not for me. There's a lot of musical genres that I find interesting, but they don't suit me. It's one thing to listen to different genres, but to perform a genre that isn't yours is counterproductive. ”

- Luis Miguel

“ Parents see their pretty talented 7- or 8-year-old, and they immediately want to make him out to be the next Alex Rodriguez. They're seeing an end, and they think they're doing him a service by making him practice, buying a batting cage, not letting him play other sports… ”

- Cal Ripken
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