Quotes of Cosmopolitan

“ The traveled mind is the catholic mind educated from exclusiveness and egotism. ”

- Amos Bronson Alcott

“ Once a Catholic always a Catholic. ”

- Angus Wilson

“ The mathematics of rhythm are universal. They don't belong to any particular culture. ”

- John McLaughlin

“ The administration believes that global warming is a national, if not international, problem that needs to be addressed at that level. ”

- Tom Snyder

“ Shakespeare is universal. ”

- Harold Bloom

“ Despite uncertainty related to Katrina and other economic conditions, we remain optimistic about global trade and expect continued economic expansion in the U.S. and in the international markets. ”

- Frederick Smith

“ We have ruled out neither international terrorism nor domestic terrorism. ”

- John Ashcroft

“ The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. ”

- Bill Gates

“ A smile is the universal welcome. ”

- Max Eastman

“ Whenever I go to bars in London, people send me over Cosmopolitans. It's a very sweet gesture, but I don't like them, so they just sit there. ”

- Kim Cattrall

“ I care. I care a lot. I think of"Cosmopolitan" all day, and I run scared. So it's a combination of fright, caring, and anxiety. ”

- Helen Gurley Brown

“ Cosmopolitan critics: men who are the friends of every country save their own. ”

- Benjamin Disraeli

“ At the end of day, we need a credible institution that has ability to lead an international response to global problems like nuclear proliferation, the horrifying spread of HIV-AIDS, economic and political rebuilding in war-torn regions, and worldwide poverty. ”

- Norm Coleman

“ If we get you in the early years of your life and we fill your head with all of the Catholic stories, then it's very hard for you to stop being Catholic. Catholics are Catholics because they like being Catholic. ”

- Andrew Greeley

“ The great minds, the great works transcend all limitations of time, of language, and of race, and the scholar can never feel initiated into the company of the elect until he can approach all of life's problems from the cosmopolitan standpoint. ”

- Sir William Osler
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