Quotes of Contrite

“ Reckless youth makes rueful age. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ That it may please you leave these sad designs To him that hath most cause to be a mourner, And presently repair to Crosby House; Where — after I have solemnly interred At Chertsey monast'ry with noble king — And wet his grave with my repentant tears — I will with all expedient duty see you. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ One is often guilty by being too just. ”

- Pierre Corneille

“ One is guilty of all abjection that one does not help to relieve. ”

- Jose Marti

“ The gods look in pleasure on penitent sinners. ”

- Theodor W. Adorno

“ I am frivolous. Then I feel guilty. ”

- Catherine Deneuve

“ Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. ”

- Voltaire

“ How tedious is a guilty conscience! ”

- John Webster

“ You are guilty of murder. ”

- George Washington

“ Although (Khan) has made some mistakes for which I am regretful, he is our national hero so I grant Dr Khan pardon. ”

- Pervez Musharraf

“ I certainly have been guilty of trying to sweep things under the carpet. ”

- Kenneth Branagh

“ PENITENT, adj. Undergoing or awaiting punishment. ”

- Ambrose Bierce

“ The guilty catch themselves. ”

- Unknown

“ The guilty catch themselves. ”

- Unknown

“ I love my past, I love my present. I am not ashamed of what I have had, and I am not sad because I no longer have it. ”

- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
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