Quotes of Contaminate

“ Ah, no, far be from me a thought which I loathe like poison. ”

- Giuseppe Garibaldi

“ Malice drinks one-half of its own poison. ”

- Marcus Annaeus Seneca

“ Christianity gave Eros poison to drink; he did not die of it, certainly, but degenerated to Vice. ”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

“ War among men defiles this world. ”

- T. S. Eliot

“ Drink poison rather than worry. ”

- Ibn Gabirol

“ The man recover'd of the bite, The dog it was that died. ”

- Oliver Goldsmith

“ In poison there is physic; and these news, Having been well, that would have made me sick, Being sick, have in some measure made me well. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ The dose makes the poison. ”

- Paracelsus

“ If I was your wife Sir, I'd poison you! Madam, if you were my wife, I'd let you! ”

- Winston Churchill

“ Sweet, sweet, sweet poison for the age's tooth. - King John. Act i. Sc. 1. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ This sickness doth infect The very life-blood of our enterprise. - King Henry IV. Part I. Act iv. Sc. 1. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Mithriades, by frequently drinking poison, rendered it impossible for any poison to hurt him. You, Cinna, by always dining on next to nothing, have taken due precaution against ever perishing from hunger. ”

- Marcus Valerius Martial

“ Sick now? droop now? This sickness doth infect The very lifeblood of our enterprise. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ There is a snake in thy smile, my dear, And bitter poison within thy tear. ”

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

“ I will kiss thy lips;Haply, some poison yet doth hang on them. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ What poison is to food, self-pity is to life. ”

- Oliver C. Wilson

“ Remorse is the poison of life, and repentance its cure. ”

- Eliza Cook

“ I know too well the poison and the sting Of things too sweet. ”

- Adelaide Proctor

“ Politics are very much like war. We may even have to use poison gas at times. ”

- Winston Churchill

“ There's a Bible on the shelf there. But I keep it next to Voltaire-poison and antidote. ”

- Bertrand Russell

“ Love is an alchemist that can transmute poison into food. ”

- Charles Caleb Colton

“ Malice drinks one half of its own poison. ”

- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“ Anger is poison. You must purge it from your mind or else it will corrupt your better nature. ”

- Christopher Paolini

“ The coward's weapon, poison. ”

- John Fletcher

“ Publicity is like poison; it doesn't hurt unless you swallow it. ”

- Joe Paterno

“ The poisons are our principal medicines, which kill the disease and save the life. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ All goodnessIs poison to thy stomach. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness its poison. ”

- Lord Chesterfield

“ The bird flu kills more than 50% of those it infects. It's a very serious disease. ”

- Mark Harris

“ Men become accustomed to poison by degrees. ”

- Victor Hugo
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