Quotes of Commodity

“ A society that has made "nostalgia" a marketable commodity on the cultural exchange quickly repudiates the suggestion that life in the past was in any important way better than life today. ”

- Christopher Lasch

“ I shall ne'er be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it. - As You Like It. Act ii. Sc. 4. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ This goin' ware glory waits ye haint one agreeable feetur. ”

- James Russell Lowell

“ I sometimes lie, especially about personal things, because what does it matter? I am a kind of minute commodity, my name is no longer my own. ”

- River Phoenix

“ If the United Nations is a country unto itself, then the commodity it exports most is words. ”

- Esther B. Fein

“ Money is the representative of a certain quantity of corn or other commodity. It is so much warmth, so much bread. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Television was supposed to be a national park. Instead it has become a money machine. It's a commodity now, just like pork bellies. ”

- Fred Friendly

“ We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. ”

- Aldo Leopold

“ Time isn't a commodity, something you pass around like cake. Time is the substance of life. When anyone asks you to give your time, they're really asking for a chunk of your life. ”

- Antoinette Bosco

“ The people recognize themselves in their commodities; they find their soul in their automobile, hi-fi set, split-level home, kitchen equipment. ”

- Herbert Marcuse

“ The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun. ”

- John D. Rockefeller

“ Moral courage is a more rare commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. ”

- Robert F. Kennedy

“ Love is the one commodity that multiplies when you give it away… Not only is it the sweet mystery of life, it is the most powerful motivation known to man. ”

- Unknown

“ Quality, quality, quality: never waver from it, even when you don't see how you can afford to keep it up. When you compromise, you become a commodity and then you die. ”

- Gary Hirshberg

“ Travel, which was once either a necessity or an adventure, has become very largely a commodity, and from all sides we are persuaded into thinking that it is a social requirement, too. ”

- Jan Morris

“ Another cause which aggravates taxes is the force of paying them in money at a certain tinge, and not in commodities at the most convenient seasons. ”

- William Petty

“ If I'm a commodity, it wouldn't be a wise idea to buy stock in me - although, in the long run, maybe I'm a slow growth investment. ”

- Tim Robbins

“ Go miser go, for money sell your soul. Trade wares for wares and trudge from pole to pole, So others may say when you are dead and gone, see what a vast estate he left his son. ”

- John Dryden

“ Knowledge is not simply another commodity. On the contrary. Knowledge is never used up. It increases by diffusion and grows by dispersion. ”

- Daniel J. Boorstin

“ No wonder poets sometimes have to seemSo much more businesslike than businessmen.Their wares are so much harder to get rid of. ”

- Robert Frost

“ Words are a commodity in which there is never any slump. ”

- Christopher Morley

“ If fools went not to market, bad wares would not be sold. ”

- Unknown

“ I'm very disappointed that after a lot of hard work and a public consultation and the reluctant agreement of Ware residents to approve 70 homes, we are now being asked to approve another 30. ”

- Terence

“ Opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world. ”

- Unknown

“ The world of the commodity is a world updside-down, which bases itself not upon life but upon the transformation of life into work. ”

- Raoul Vaneigem

“ New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become. ”

- Kurt Vonnegut

“ Acceptance is such an important commodity, some have called it "the first law of personal growth.". ”

- Peter McWilliams

“ The way to make a small fortune in the commodities market is to start with a large fortune. ”

- Unknown

“ Each of us has the same quantity of the most precious commodity in the world - time. ”

- Ted Janusz

“ A commodity appears at first sight an extremely obvious, trivial thing. But its analysis brings out that it is a very strange thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties. ”

- Karl Marx
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