Quotes of Colored

“ When I bring to you coloured toys, my child, I understand why there is such a play of colours on clouds, on water, and why flowers are painted in tints. ”

- Rabindranath Tagore

“ When you get up in the morning, you merely put on your clothes. When a colored man gets up in the morning, he puts on his armor. ”

- Kristin Hunter

“ The colored people of this country know and understand the white people better than the white people know and understand them. ”

- James Weldon Johnson

“ No one has been barred on account of his race from fighting or dying for America — there are no "white" or "colored" signs on the foxholes or graveyards of battle. ”

- John F. Kennedy

“ A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. ”

- Napoleon Bonaparte

“ Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling. ”

- Gilbert K. Chesterton

“ Otemeale is good for to make a faire and wel colored maid to looke like a cake of tallow. ”

- John Gerard

“ I wonder that every colored person is not a misanthrope. Surely we have everything to make us hate mankind. ”

- Charlotte L. Forten Grimke

“ A round ball of a man with protruding lower lip and seal-colored eyes, he spun like a top from continent to continent, jabbing a pudgy forefinger at everything that stood in his way. ”

- Ted Morgan

“ Nowadays everyone's got the nose rings and the colored hair, so for me to wear the suit and tie is a different way to go. ”

- Sam Raimi

“ I guess I kind of lived in a fairytale world… looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. I probably always will, to a certain extent. ”

- Sharon Tate

“ I have never been able to discover anything disgraceful in being a colored man. But I have often found it inconvenient - in America. ”

- Bert Williams

“ I have not painted the dark reality in rose-tinted shades but I do include a clear way, a search for something brighter, some way out - most importantly in the spiritual sense. ”

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“ Older women can afford to agree that femininity is a charade, a matter of colored hair, ecru lace and whalebones, the kind of slap and tat that transvestites are in love with, and no more. ”

- Germaine Greer

“ I wanted change and excitement and to shoot off in all directions myself, like the colored arrows from a Fourth of July rocket. ”

- Sylvia Plath

“ Men will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. ”

- Napoleon Bonaparte

“ Public opinion, in its raw state, gushes out in the immemorial form of the mob's fear. It is piped into central factories, and there it is flavored and colored, and put into cans. ”

- H.L. Mencken

“ An old colored brother is said to have finished his prayer with words like these: and now good Lord; I know that you ain't going to let nothing come to me that me and you together can't handle. ”

- Unknown

“ I heard his library burned down and both books were destroyed — and one of them hadn't even been colored in yet. ”

- John Dawkins

“ The vain man is generally a doubter. It is Newton who sees himself as child on the sea shore, and his discoveries in the colored shell. ”

- Willmott

“ The mind, like the dyer's hand, is colored by what it holds. ”

- Unknown

“ To the lack of incentive to effort, which is the awful shadow under which we live, may be traced the wreck and ruin of scores of colored youth. ”

- Mary Church Terrell

“ What a richly colored strong warm coat is woven when love is the warp and work is the woof. ”

- Marge Piercy

“ It is not healthy when a nation lives within a nation, as colored Americans are living inside America. A nation cannot live confident of its tomorrow if its refugees are among its own citizens. ”

- Pearl S. Buck

“ Race prejudice is not only a shadow over the colored — it is a shadow over all of us, and the shadow is darkest over those who feel it least and allow its evil effects to go on. ”

- Pearl S. Buck

“ Things we do and experience have resonance. It can die away quickly or last a long time; it can have a clear center frequency or a wide bandwidth; be loud, soft or ambiguous. The present is filled with past experience ringing in various ways and now is colored by this symphony of resonance. ”

- Paul Lansky

“ I am not tragically colored. There is no great sorrow dammed up in my soul, nor lurking behind my eyes. I do not mind at all. I do not belong to the sobbing school of Negrohood who hold that nature somehow has given them a low-down dirty deal and whose feelings are all hurt about it… ”

- Zora Neale Hurston

“ Painting is the most magical of mediums. The transcendence is truly amazing to me every time I go to a museum and I see how somebody figured another way to rub colored dirt on a flat surface and make space where there is no space or make you think of a life experience. ”

- Chuck Close

“ We younger Negro artists who create now intend to express our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame. If white people are pleased, we are glad. If they are not, it doesn't matter. We know we are beautiful. And ugly too. The tom-tom cries and the tom-tom laughs… ”

- Charles Evans Hughes

“ It was just like a dream. I could have ended up with an album that's not all that different from anything else coming out of Nashville. Mutt made the difference. He took these songs, my attitude, my creativity, and colored them in a way that is unique. ”

- Shania Twain
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