Quotes of Cole

“ I totally related to Cole Porter's magnetic pull to any piano that was in the room, which he was famous for doing, as was Gershwin. You couldn't drag them away from a piano. ”

- Kevin Kline

“ This is the river of the great 19th-century landscapists; of Cole, Cropsey and Church, and at the end of the summer it lies motionless under the haze as under a light coat of varnish. ”

- Judith Thurman

“ At the Cole School, where they had community singing every morning the teacher noticed that Jack London remained silent. She asked him why. He replied that she didn't know how to sing, that she would spoil his voice because she flatted. The teacher dispatched him to the principal to be punished… ”

- Irving Stone

“ When I started to sing like myself - as opposed to imitating Nat Cole, which I had done for a while - when I started singing like Ray Charles, it had this spiritual and churchy, this religious or gospel sound. It had this holiness and preachy tone to it… ”

- Ray Charles

“ I wanted to invent some kind of American dance that was danced to the music that I grew up on: Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hart and Irving Berlin. So I evolved a style that certainly didn't catch on right away - but I had some good mentors in New York who encouraged me. ”

- Gene Kelly
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