Quotes of Cockney

“ I have seen, and heard, much of Cockney impudence before now; but never expected to hear a coxcomb ask two hundred guineas for flinging a pot of paint in the public's face. ”

- John Ruskin

“ It's a damn shame we have this immediate ticking off in the mind about how people sound. On the other hand, how many people really want to be operated upon by a surgeon who talks broad cockney? ”

- Eileen Aitkins

“ What is a democrat? One who believes that the republicans have ruined the country. What is a republican? One who believes that the democrats would ruin the country. ”

- Ambrose Bierce

“ The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too. ”

- Oscar Levant

“ There are Democrats everywhere. ”

- Howard Dean
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