Quotes of Coastal

“ Man hands on misery to man. It deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out as early as you can, and don't have any kids yourself. ”

- Philip Larkin

“ Alaskans deserve a coastal management program that works for Alaska. This is another example of the federal government dictating from afar program requirements that don't make sense in Alaska. ”

- Frank H. Murkowski

“ We have the highest graduation rates, the broadest health care access, and the greatest level of home ownership and workforce participation in the country. And we did it all with a small population in a cold state that coastal big shots refer to as fly-over land. ”

- Timothy Pawlenty

“ Let's remember this potential drilling area is only a 2,000-acre site inside a 1.5 million-acre coastal plain. You can balance the needs of conservation and exploration - they're not mutually exclusive. ”

- Craig Thomas
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