Quotes of Clubhouse

“ The Oakland clubhouse is a wonderful place. A lot of these guys feel like rejects. They were rejects and they feel - they can tell you how baseball screwed up. ”

- Michael Lewis

“ It was nice to see Chocolate outriding the Flat jockey. ”

- Alan King

“ It wasn't like that when I started out in Omaha (in 1957). I walked into the clubhouse here and I remember the one we had in Omaha was about one-third the size of that. ”

- Bob Gibson

“ You got that feeling when we came into the clubhouse. ”

- Frank Robinson

“ The biggest water fight of the season occurred in the clubhouse before the game. A lot of guys had squirt guns and they had a war before the game! ”

- Bobby Brown

“ There are a lot of empty seats that are about to be filled with corporatists surrounded by corporate hospitality suites funded by $13 million of taxpayers money. That's a pretty sickly witches' brew for a private convention where corporations have poured $100 million into it… ”

- Ralph Nader

“ You know, when you can play with the greatest players of that particular era, you look forward to going to the ballpark. I mean, you thought it was great to be there in the clubhouse. You thought it was great to be on the field. ”

- Johnny Bench

“ Sure, women sportswriters look when they're in the clubhouse. Read their stories. How else do you explain a capital letter in the middle of a word? ”

- Bob Uecker

“ To be honest with you, a lot of directors can be very lazy. ”

- Samantha Morton

“ I don't think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it. ”

- Mike Ditka
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