Quotes of Cinema

“ I think this has been an amazing year for American cinema. ”

- Ang Lee

“ On my way here I passed a local cinema and it turned out you were expecting me after all, for the billboards read: The Mummy Returns. ”

- Margaret Thatcher

“ In a sense I feel very much a part of the cinema now in a way where when I come back to the theater now I feel like a visitor. The cinema is really what I enjoy. I want to do more independent movies. ”

- Brian Cox

“ Cinema, radio, television, magazines are a school of inattention: people look without seeing, listen in without hearing. ”

- Robert Bresson

“ For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake. ”

- Alfred Hitchcock

“ If you can't believe a little in what you see on the screen, it's not worth wasting your time on cinema. ”

- Serge Daney

“ The cinema, like the detective story, makes it possible to experience without danger all the excitement, passion and desirousness which must be repressed in a humanitarian ordering of life. ”

- Carl Jung

“ If I'm in theatre, cinema doesn't even cross my mind. Similarly when I'm making a film, theatre doesn't cross my mind. ”

- John Hurt

“ Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. ”

- Roman Polanski

“ There are some movies that I would like to forget, for the rest of my life. But even those movies teach me things. ”

- Antonio Banderas

“ Neil: The meek may inherit the earth, but they don't get in to Harvard. ”

- Robin Williams

“ When I look at the future, it's so bright it burns my eyes. ”

- Oprah Winfrey

“ Keep a grateful journal. Every night, list five things that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change your perspective of your day and your life. ”

- Oprah Winfrey

“ I am the modern, intelligent, independent-type woman. In other words, a girl who can not get a man. ”

- Shelley Winters

“ Now I know I've got a heart, because it's breaking. ”

- Tin Woodsman

“ I don't take the movies seriously, and anyone who does is in for a headache. ”

- Bette Davis

“ The embarrassing thing is that the salad dressing is out-grossing my films. ”

- Paul Newman

“ It grossed something like 12 million dollars and started a cycle of so-called boy-meets-ghoul horror films. ”

- Boris Karloff

“ Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes. ”

- Robert Altman

“ I wasn't a kid who moved out from Iowa with aspirations of becoming a famous star-I was intrigued by the idea of filmmaking and by the idea of what it would be like to play a character in a movie. ”

- Jason Lee

“ It is a question of fact, whether the influence of motives be fixed by laws of nature, so that they shall always have the same effect in the same circumstances. ”

- Thomas Reid

“ I am not someone who sacrifice all for the cinema, my life will be always more important. ”

- Natalie Portman

“ Many of these names on the Walk of Fame bloom larger than life. They created the grammar of cinema. ”

- Martin Scorsese

“ It's a great opportunity to be together apart from celebrating Indian cinema. ”

- Amitabh Bachchan

“ Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out. ”

- Martin Scorsese

“ If cinema is a woman then certainly there are many shores. ”

- Gerard Depardieu

“ Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality. ”

- Jackie Chan

“ I phoned my grandparents and my grandfather said 'We saw your movie.' 'Which one?' I said. He shouted 'Betty, what was the name of that movie I didn't like?' ”

- Brad Pitt

“ The cinema is not an art which films life: the cinema is something between art and life. Unlike painting and literature, the cinema both gives to life and takes from it, and I try to render this concept in my films. Literature and painting both exist as art from the very start; the cinema doesn't. ”

- Jean Luc Godard

“ A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. ”

- Alfred Hitchcock
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