Quotes of Chri

“ I wake up in the morning and the latest Chris Lydon interview in on my iPod. I didn't have to do anything, I didn't have to understand how it got there. I call it a kind of reverse Tivo. ”

- Adam Curry

“ Best two rock voices I've heard in a last few years both have been from grunge bands: it's Eddie Vedder and the other one is Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. ”

- Bruce Dickinson

“ I would like to have Lenny Kravitz on my project, as well as Prince…I'd also like to have Chris Gaines on it…Madonna, maybe a song with Michael Jackson… and of course Lil' Kim. ”

- Lisa Lopes

“ The greatest thing about doing this movie was that Chris and I both were involved in folk music in the '60s. I had a group, but I don't think it was at the same level as Chris, because he's an amazing musician. ”

- Eugene Levy

“ Chris Carter is just a fantastic guy, I have enjoyed working for him, immensely. I loved this character. I don't think I can say enough about Chris. It's just a fantastic thing that he's created and I'm so thrilled that I've been a part of it. I'm very grateful. ”

- Robert Patrick
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