Quotes of Chief

“ And the king of Israel answered and said, Tell him, Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off. ”

- Bible

“ It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. ”

- William Ernest Henley

“ We cannot all be masters. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. ”

- Albert Schweitzer

“ True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings; Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Our main business is not to see what lies dimly in the distance but to do what lies clearly at hand. ”

- Thomas Carlyle

“ In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. ”

- Desiderius Erasmus

“ Sometimes the subconscious mind manifests a wisdom several steps or even years ahead of the conscious mind, and has its own way of leading us toward our destiny. ”

- Nathaniel Branden

“ The teachings of elegant sayingsShould be collected when one can.For the supreme gift of words of wisdom,Any price will be paid. ”

- Siddha Nagarjuna

“ A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a king, and eat of the fish that hath fed of that worm. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead one to sovereign power. ”

- Lord Alfred Tennyson

“ The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive. ”

- Robert Anson Heinlein

“ I have only one counsel for you — be master. ”

- Napoleon Bonaparte

“ The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, or more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself. ”

- Victor Hugo

“ He that would govern others, first should be the master of himself. ”

- Philip Massinger

“ People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert. The leader leads, and the boss drives. ”

- Theodore Roosevelt

“ Here will be an old abusing of God's patience and the king's English. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ The ruling passion, be it what it will, The ruling passion conquers reason still. ”

- Alexander Pope

“ Here lies our Sovereign Lord, the King whose word no man relies on: He never said a foolish thing nor ever did a wise one. ”

- John Wilmot

“ In order for a war to be just, three things are necessary. First, the authority of the sovereign. Secondly, a just cause. Thirdly, a rightful intention. ”

- Saint Thomas Aquinas

“ No one can keep his grieves in their prime; they use themselves up. ”

- Emil Cioran

“ This England never did, nor never shall, Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ People start parades — politicians just get out in front and act like they're leading. ”

- Dana Gillman Rinehart

“ Rulers were made to be broken. ”

- Michael Isenberg

“ Framed in the prodigality of nature. - King Richard III. Act i. Sc. 2. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ He was indeed the glass Wherein the noble youth did dress themselves. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ No strike could ever be won with a Communist at its head since the employers would make victory impossible. ”

- James P. Cannon

“ Who to himself is law, no law doth need, Offends no law, and is a king indeed. ”

- George Chapman

“ I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. ”

- William Ernest Henley

“ What doth gravity out of his bed at midnight? - King Henry IV. Part I. Act ii. Sc. 4. ”

- William Shakespeare
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