Quotes of Chick

“ A cookie store is a bad idea. Besides, the market research reports say America likes crispy cookies, not soft and chewy cookies like you make. — Response to Debbi Fields' idea of starting Mrs. Fields' Cookies. ”

- Unknown

“ One swallow does not make a summer. ”

- Aristotle

“ And there's no way I'm going to do Dame Edna. ”

- Miranda Richardson

“ That strain in Asia has caused high mortality in those birds; the birds that tested positive in Quebec and Manitoba are all healthy. ”

- Jim Clark

“ Did St. Francis preach to the birds? Whatever for? If he really liked birds he would have done better to preach to the cats. ”

- Rebecca West

“ Ne'er look for the birds of this year in the nests of the last. ”

- Miguel de Cervantes

“ Badminton is for the birds. ”

- Unknown

“ The eagle suffers little birds to sing. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ We think cag'd birds sing, when indeed they cry. ”

- John Webster

“ Did St. Francis really preach to the birds? Whatever for? If he really liked birds he would have done better to preach to the cats. ”

- Rebecca West

“ I use nothing but the best ingredients. My cookies are always baked fresh. I price cookies so that you cannot make them at home for any less. And I still give cookies away. ”

- Debbie Fields

“ I heard the little bird say so. ”

- Jonathan Swift

“ When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first. ”

- Ernest Hemingway

“ God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. ”

- Jacques Deval

“ My perfect girl would be pretty mad, but one you can have a conversation with. No one can be too mad for me, the madder the better. I love a crazy chick! ”

- Lee Ryan

“ I'm too tall to be a girl. I'm between a chick and a broad. ”

- Julia Roberts

“ Paulina Porizkova was the first Czech Chick, and she is amazing, beautiful and has a very strong personality. ”

- Petra Nemcova

“ I couldn't stand Janis Joplin's voice… she was just a screaming little loudmouthed chick. ”

- Arthur Lee

“ I like raunchiness, not like in a biker-chick sort of a way, but like the girl can't help it. Little bruises, a few hairs out of place, a little stain here and there. ”

- Anton LaVey

“ Why do a crappy film role when you can do a meaty stage role? and …I'm not small and curvy and I don't fit the prerequiste for small, passive, sexy chicks. ”

- Nicole Kidman

“ It was only cool to have blond hair and be a surfer chick in Sydney. I could learn how to surf, but I still looked Italian. It took me a long time to realize that was a good thing. ”

- Natalie Imbruglia

“ When I was a kid I had this funny blond hair and everyone called me 'Chick' because I looked like Tweety Bird. ”

- Nicky Hilton

“ A wise man once said, Convention is like the shell to the chick, a protection till he is strong enough to break it through. ”

- Learned Hand

“ You were at school and you were pimply and no one wanted to know you. You get into a group and you've got thousands of chicks there. ”

- Eric Clapton

“ Whether you wind up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends on the kind of chick you married. ”

- Wall Street Journal
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