Quotes of Chestnut

“ See the gold sunshine patching,And streaming and streaking acrossThe gray-green oaks; and catching,By its soft brown beard, the moss. ”

- Philip James Bailey

“ The Boy and the Filberts A boy put his hand into a pitcher full of filberts. He grasped as many as he could possibly hold, but when he tried to pull out his hand, he was prevented from doing so by the neck of the pitcher. Unwilling to lose his filberts, and yet unable to withdraw his hand, he burst into tears and bitterly lamented his disappointment… ”

- Aesop

“ We found in the late '90s that if we didn't do a certain number of the old chestnuts, people weren't gonna come to hear the new stuff. ”

- Bob Weir

“ Soul of fibre and heart of oak. ”

- Miguel de Cervantes

“ Large streams from little mountains flow, tall oaks from little acorns grow. ”

- David Everett
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