Quotes of Chauffeur

“ That she's the worst driver in the history of drivers. If I know she's going somewhere, I stay home. ”

- Matthew

“ If it isn't a success, that still wouldn't be grounds for divorce. ”

- Geena Davis

“ She said, 'We need truck drivers and National Guard,'... I'll get moving on it. ”

- Bill Richardson

“ Brockton is the mecca for bad drivers. ”

- Lloyd Jones

“ Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night! ”

- Bette Davis

“ It seems to make an auto driver mad if he misses you. ”

- Kin Hubbard

“ Indy makes the race driver. You become famous when you come here. ”

- Rodger Ward

“ Drive slow and enjoy the scenery — drive fast and join the scenery. ”

- Doug Horton

“ If a woman driver ahead of you signals a left turn, be careful, she may turn left. ”

- Unknown

“ I'm the worst person to be stuck with in a traffic jam. ”

- Larry King

“ I don't like driving very much; that makes me very unhappy, because I scream a lot in the car. But other than that, life is actually pretty good. ”

- Whoopi Goldberg

“ A careful driver is one who honks his horn when he goes through a red light. ”

- Henry Morgan

“ My father told me that if you saw a man in a Rolls Royce you could be sure he was not a gentleman unless he was the chauffeur. ”

- Earl of Arran

“ Helpless, unknown, and unremembered, most human beings, however sensitive, idealistic, intelligent, go through life as passengers rather than chauffeurs. Although we may pretend that it is the chauffeur who is the social inferior, most of us, like Toad of Toad Hall, would not mind a turn at the wheel ourselves. ”

- Ralph Harper

“ I consider myself one of a very small handful of drivers in the world that are top drivers. The best one? I don't think anybody can say they're the best one because, from one week to the next, you can be on form or off form a little bit. ”

- Nigel Mansell
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