Quotes of Chastise

“ He only may chastise who loves. ”

- Rabindranath Tagore

“ Life is a succession of lessons enforced by immediate reward, or, oftener, by immediate chastisement. ”

- Ernest Dimnet

“ Then my verse I dishonor, my pictures despise, my person degrade and my temper chastise; and the pen is my terror, the pencil my shame; and my talents I bury, and dead is my fame. ”

- Sir William Blake

“ The discipline of the written word punishes both stupidity and dishonesty. ”

- John Steinbeck

“ The only discipline that lasts is self discipline. ”

- Bum Phillips

“ A crime which is the crime of many none avenge. ”

- Lucan

“ You have no right to criticise Russia over Chechnya. ”

- Boris Yeltsin

“ The act of policing is, in order to punish less often, to punish more severely. ”

- Napoleon Bonaparte

“ As for evildoers, for them awaits a painful chastisement; but for those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, they shall be admitted to gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein dwelling forever, by the leave of their Lord, their greeting therein: "Peace!". ”

- Quran

“ Let us have compassion for those under chastisement. Alas, who are we ourselves? Who am I and who are you? Whence do we come and is it quite certain that we did nothing before we were born? This earth is not without some resemblance to a gaol. Who knows but that man is a victim of divine justice? Look closely at life… ”

- Victor Hugo
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