Quotes of Chaplin

“ Charlie Chaplin's genius was in comedy. He has no sense of humor, particularly about himself. ”

- Lita Grey Chaplin

“ I'd like to produce, direct, write, score, and star in a film in exactly the way Chaplin did. I'll do that before I'm thirty. ”

- Eddie Murphy

“ Charles Chaplin makes a million dollars a year out of a funny, shuffling walk and a pair of baggy trousers, because he does "something different." Take the hint and "individualize" yourself with some distinctive idea. ”

- Napoleon Hill

“ Hollywood was a silver-nitrate finishing school for a whole generation with a faculty that included Lillian Gish, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, John Gilbert, Pola Negri, Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, Charlie Chaplin and Rudolf Valentino. ”

- C. David Heymann
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