Quotes of Chaperone

“ The modern rule is that every woman should be her own chaperon. ”

- Amy Vanderbilt

“ Her face was her chaperone. ”

- Rupert Hughes

“ In a world that holds books and babies and canyon trails, why should one condemn oneself to live day in, day out with people one does not like, and sell oneself to chaperone and correct them? ”

- Ruth Benedict

“ Like a celestial chaperon, the placebo leads us through the uncharted passageways of mind and gives us a greater sense of infinity than if we were to spend all our days with our eyes hypnotically glued to the giant telescope at Mt. Palomar. What we see ultimately is that the placebo isn't really necessary and that the mind can carry out its difficult and wondrous missions unprompted by little pills… ”

- Norman Cousins
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