Quotes of Chaise

“ If I had no duties, and no reference to futurity, I would spend my life in driving briskly in a post-chaise with a pretty woman. ”

- Samuel Johnson

“ The deep, deep peace of the double-bed after the hurly-burly of the chaise-lounge. ”

- Patrick Campbell

“ As to "Don Juan," confess that it is the sublime of that sort of writing; it may be bawdy, but is it not good English? It may be profligate, but is it not life? Is it not the thing? Could any man have written it who has not lived in the world? And tooled in a post-chaise? In a hackney coach? In a Gondola? Against a wall? In a court carriage? In a vis a vis? On a table? And under it? ”

- Lord Byron

“ He that travels in theory has no inconveniences; he has shade and sunshine at his disposal, and wherever he alights finds tables of plenty and looks of gaiety. These ideas are indulged till the day of departure arrives, the chaise is called, and the progress of happiness begins… ”

- Samuel Johnson
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