Quotes of Certified

“ Knee-jerk liberals and all the certified saints of sanctified humanism are quick to condemn this great and much-maligned Transylvanian statesman. ”

- William F. Buckley Jr.

“ There is no business like show business. There is also no business like certified public accounting, but that doesn't rhyme as well. ”

- Craig Shaw Gardner

“ I will.sign the agreement only if I'm convinced it strengthens Israel and its future,. Such an agreement, I'm sure, will be approved and endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the Israeli people. ”

- Ehud Barak

“ For the truth of the conclusions of physical science, observation is the supreme Court of Appeal. It does not follow that every item which we confidently accept as physical knowledge has actually been certified by the Court; our confidence is that it would be certified by the Court if it were submitted… ”

- Ecclesiastes

“ If, when a businessman speaks of minority employment or air pollution or poverty, he speaks in the language of a certified public accountant analyzing a corporate balance sheet, who is to know that he understands the human problems behind the statistical ones? If the businessman would stop talking like a computer printout or a page from the corporate annual report, other people would stop thinking he had a cash register for a heart… ”

- Louis B. Lundborg
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