Quotes of Carnegie

“ An epigram is only a wisecrack that's played at Carnegie Hall. ”

- Oscar Levant

“ How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. ”

- Saadi

“ Those of us who had a chance to ask questions should have charged that much for speaking lines. It was like making love in Carnegie Hall. ”

- Peter Lisagor

“ WALL STREET, n. A symbol for sin for every devil to rebuke. That Wall Street is a den of thieves is a belief that serves every unsuccessful thief in place of a hope in Heaven. Even the great and good Andrew Carnegie has made his profession of faith in the matter… ”

- Ambrose Bierce

“ I also did electrical and chemistry experiments at that time. At first, when asked in school to prepare an essay about my career, I prepared one about a career as an electrical engineer like my father. Later, when I actually entered Carnegie Tech. in Pittsburgh, I entered as a student with the major of chemical engineering. ”

- John Nash
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