Quotes of Capricious

“ It is irresponsible to set an arbitrary cap on how much therapy a Medicare beneficiary can receive. It ignores the health needs of our senior population - especially the oldest and sickest. ”

- John Ensign

“ With stand-up you've just got that one chance. Audiences can be quite fickle. ”

- Johnny Vegas

“ In Rome you long for the country. In the country you praise to the skies the distant town. ”

- Horace

“ O fortune, fortune! all men call thee fickle. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ My co-workers expect me to be late and temperamental. ”

- Eva Gabor

“ Our whole life is an attempt to discover when our spontaneity is whimsical, sentimental irresponsibility and when it is a valid expression of our deepest desires and values. ”

- Helen Merrell Lynd

“ Popularity is a fickle jade. ”

- Yevgeny Yevtushenko

“ Iago's soliloquy — the motive-hunting of a motiveless malignity — how awful it is! ”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“ I'm in contention, so it's a good spot, I guess. I'm only five back. And with the forecast, it's unpredictable. Who knows? We may not play if there's thunderstorms. ”

- Tiger Woods

“ The course of life in unpredictable, no one can write his autobiography in advance. ”

- Abraham J. Heschel

“ Now the melancholy God protect thee, and the tailor make thy garments of changeable taffeta, for thy mind is opal. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Knowledge must come through action; you can have no test which is not fanciful, save by trial. ”

- Sophocles

“ The course of life is unpredictable... no one can write his autobiography in advance. ”

- Abraham Joshua Heschel

“ Young men's minds are always changeable, but when an old man is concerned in a matter, he looks both before and after. ”

- Homer

“ Hope is not a granted wish or a favor performed; no it is far greater than that. It is a zany, unpredictable dependence on a God who loves to surprise us out of our socks. ”

- Max Lucado

“ The course of life in unpredictable. No one can write his autobiography in advance. ”

- Abraham Heschel

“ We must therefore take account of this changeable nature of things and of human institutions, and prepare for them with enlightened foresight. ”

- Pope Pius XI

“ Late-learning, I think, is the desire for learning inconsistent with one's advanced age. ”

- Theophrastus

“ God was treated like this powerful, erratic, rather punitive father who has to be pacified and praised. You know, flattered. ”

- John Cleese

“ The notion is to strengthen security, reduce hassle. Do that by creating a program that is unpredictable to the enemy. ”

- Robert Johnson

“ To endure in a volatile, unpredictable arena populated by egos the size of small planets is not an inconsiderable achievement. ”

- Jack Valenti

“ You can't get a guarantee that genes are going to turn on and off the way you want them to. You're dealing with life. It's too unpredictable. ”

- Jeremy Rifkin

“ She seems young and impulsive, flighty,... Her behavior seems to fit in with that spoiled rich girl, perhaps playing at being this activist. ”

- Rachel Weisz

“ It is, I claim, nonsense to say that it does not matter which individual man acted as the nucleus for the change. It is precisely this that makes history unpredictable into the future. ”

- Gregory Bateson

“ From the point of view of any agent who imposes a quantitative change, any change of pattern which may occur will be unpredictable or divergent. ”

- Gregory Bateson

“ The match has become quite unpredictable, but it still looks as though Arsenal will win the cup. ”

- John Motson

“ There are no limits to either time or distance, except as man himself may make them. I have but to touch the wind to know these things. ”

- Hal Borland

“ To many, the word coercion implies arbitrary decisions of distant and irresponsible bureaucrats; but this is not a necessary part of its meaning. ”

- Garrett Hardin

“ Reasonable orders are easy enough to obey; it is capricious, bureaucratic or plain idiotic demands that form the habit of discipline. ”

- Barbara Tuchman

“ One person's constant is another person's variable. ”

- Susan Gerhart
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