Quotes of Bouquet

“ In a sense, the United Nations is like a vase. Without a vase there can be no lasting bouquet of flowers; but the aroma — or perfume — depends on the flowers, not on the vase. ”

- Unknown

“ The eyes of spring, so azure, Are peeping from the ground; They are the darling violets, That I in nosegays bound. ”

- Heinrich Heine

“ The violets whisper from the shade Which their own leaves have made: Men scent our fragrance on the air, Yet take no heed Of humble lessons we would read. ”

- Christina G. Rossetti

“ How he sleepeth! having drunken Weary childhood's mandragore, From his pretty eyes have sunken Pleasures to make room for more — Sleeping near the withered nosegay which he pulled the day before. ”

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“ She hath made me four and twenty nosegays for the shearers — three-man songmen all, and very good ones; but they are most of them means and bases, but one puritan amongst them, and he sings psalms to hornpipes. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Perfumes are the feelings of flowers, and as the human heart, imagining itself alone and unwatched, feels most deeply in the night-time, so seems it as if the flowers, in musing modesty, await the mantling eventide ere they give themselves up wholly to feeling, and breathe forth their sweetest odours… ”

- Heinrich Heine

“ And I will make thee beds of roses, And a thousand fragrant posies. ”

- Christopher Marlowe

“ When I walk with you I feel as if I had a flower in my buttonhole. ”

- William Makepeace Thackeray

“ I just have this unnatural fascination with Elvis. I guess it reminds me of how important perspective is. You know, watch out or you might wind up wearing really silly costumes with Hawaiian leis. ”

- Tim Robbins

“ Judy Garland was just so delicious in every way and just so honest and generous. ”

- Judy Davis

“ It's so nice to get flowers while you can still smell the fragrance. ”

- Lena Horne

“ Find me next a Poppy posy, Type of his harangues so dozy. ”

- Thomas Moore

“ If you miss the first buttonhole, you will not succeed in buttoning up your coat. ”

- Johann von Goethe

“ If you miss the first buttonhole, you will not succeed in buttoning up your coat. ”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“ When life hands us a beutiful bouquet of flowers we stare at it in cautious expectation of a bee. ”

- Dean Koontz

“ Summer is unclothed, and bears a wheaten garland. ”

- Ovid

“ Here's a posy of flowers, and a basket too, With Birthday greetings all for you. ”

- Unknown

“ Whether the flower looks better in the nosegay than in the meadow where it grew and we had to wet our feet to get it, is the scholastic air any advantage? ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ Posterity weaves no garlands for imitators. ”

- Johann Friedrich von Schiller

“ Always keep that happy attitude. Pretend that you are holding a beautiful fragrant bouquet. ”

- Earl Nightingale
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