Quotes of Bookworm

“ Journalism allows its readers to witness history; fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it. ”

- John Hersey

“ Leaders are readers. ”

- Charles ‘Tremendous’ Jones

“ The left and the right can do the same thing. The Net can do the same thing for racists as it did for the Dean campaign. Treating your readers not as readers but as participants is a really good way of creating community and getting supporters. ”

- David Weinberger

“ I wouldn't say the world is my parish, but my readers are my parish. And especially the readers that write to me. They're my parish. And it's a responsibility that I enjoy. ”

- Andrew Greeley

“ I was never a bookworm. I remember reading Dr. Seuss, the Hardy Boys, Emil and the Detectives, Chip Hilton, and lots of Mark Twain and Dickens. My athletic ability did nothing but invite taunts. I was an indifferent student and an athlete with delusions of adequacy, dreams of adulation. ”

- John Grisham
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