Quotes of Beaker - somelinesforyou

“ Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever. ”

- Aristophanes

“ We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-beakers, And sitting by desolate streams; World-losers and world forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams: Yet we are the movers and shakers Of the world forever, it seems. ”

- Arthur O’Shaughnessy

“ Thou didst create the night, but I made the lamp. Thou didst create clay, but I made the cup. Thou didst create the deserts, mountains and forests, I produced the orchards, gardens and groves. It is I who made the glass out of stone, and it is I who turn a poison into an antidote. ”

- Sir Muhammad Iqbal
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