Quotes of Arena

“ A defendant on trial for a specific crime is entitled to his day in court, not in a stadium or a city or nationwide arena. ”

- Tom C. Clark

“ This is where you will win the battle — in the playhouse of your mind. ”

- Maxwell Maltz

“ To play 18 years in Yankee Stadium is the best thing that could ever happen to a ballplayer. ”

- Mickey Mantle

“ You must not demand the failure of your peers, because the more good things that are around in film, in television, in theater - why the better it is for all of us. ”

- Jerome Lawrence

“ There was a mood on campus that this was going to be the next Michigan State. ”

- John Newton

“ If any of you students are concerned about the quality of student life on campus, you should be complaining. ”

- Charles Lynch

“ It defeats the whole purpose of going to a WIN if people are still trying to use social security numbers as identifiers. ”

- Chris Bailey

“ For a while, it was this sleepy little happening on campus, but within the last 18 months, we've seen much more interest on the part of publishers. ”

- Mary Stuart

“ The rolling roof is part of the discussions with. The rolling roof has the capability to slide over either stadium. ”

- Lamar Hunt

“ I want them to sell 'Bubble' DVDs in the theater lobby. ”

- Steven Soderbergh

“ I owe a lot to my parents, especially by mother and my father. ”

- Greg Norman

“ I have never regarded politics as the arena of morals. It is the arena of interest. ”

- Aneurin Bevan

“ This city now doth, like a garment, wear the beauty of the morning; silent bare, ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie open unto the fields and to the sky; All bright and glittering in the smokeless air. ”

- William Wordsworth

“ Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it's business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don't love what you're doing and you can't give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You'll be an old man before you know it. ”

- Al Lopez

“ I've resigned myself. Everybody has had to resign themselves. We've been told it's not going to change. A lot of people are upset at the limited number of tickets, a good number of people. They changed something that was a traditional thing. Our perspective is that it's always been at the Coliseum… ”

- Ben Johnson

“ I do not think that what is called Love at first sight is so great an absurdity as it is sometimes imagined to be. We generally make up our minds beforehand to the sort of person we should like, grave or gay, black, brown, or fair; with golden tresses or raven locks; — and when we meet with a complete example of the qualities we admire, the bargain is soon struck. ”

- William Hazlitt

“ In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action. ”

- Aristotle

“ In the arena of human life the honours and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities. ”

- Aristotle

“ I know I'm never as good or bad as one single performance. I've never believed in my critics or my worshippers, and I've always been able to leave the game at the arena. ”

- Charles Barkley

“ Literature, as a field of glory, is an arena where a tomb may be more easily found than laurels; and as a means of support, it is the chance of chances. ”

- Henry Giles

“ O the joy of the strong-brawn'd fighter, towering in the arena in perfect condition, conscious of power, thirsting to meet his opponent. ”

- Walt Whitman

“ The most dramatic conflicts are perhaps, those that take place not between men but between a man and himself — where the arena of conflict is a solitary mind. ”

- Clark Moustakas

“ The political arena leaves one no alternative, one must either be a dunce or a rogue. ”

- Emma Goldman

“ I love the gallery, the arena of representation. It's a commercial world, and morality is based generally around economics, and that's taking place in the art gallery. ”

- Jeff Koons

“ The novel is more of a whisper, whereas the stage is a shout. ”

- Robert Holman

“ My playground was the theatre. I'd sit and watch my mother pretend for a living. As a young girl, that's pretty seductive. ”

- Gwyneth Paltrow

“ Hell is a half-filled auditorium. ”

- Robert Frost

“ In the theater the audience wants to be surprised but by things that they expect. ”

- Tristan Bernard

“ I just love, I love, I love movies. ”

- Laura Dern

“ Theatergoing is a communal act, movie going a solitary one. ”

- Robert Brustein
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