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What is the AI technology

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  • On- 21 Dec, 2019
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What is artificial intelligence(AI) technology?

AI revolution?

AI gives a little bit more part of the smart modern world than the smartest gadgets such as a mobile, computer, smart television.

Artificial intelligence will give one opportunity to understand the actual power of the technologies' communication with people. In addition to this, people will also get the best and accurate techniques for much personal work such as heart surgery, neurons sensory and so on behalf of smart and AI robots.

AI will be called a collection of a lot of information, which that not possible by the normal being. Which will give all kinds of information within a few seconds, it not take more time to respond.

In the current world, people have been using AI robots such as Appel's Siri, Hey Google, Alexa. those are also working with AI technology for many years. It's a technology revolution.


Nowadays, all technology company trying to find out the best AI robots for better and easies lifestyles, but they suffering to get the proper outcome for actual data resources. I am sure people will quickly find the best way to get a more accurate robot.

Today one successful AI example in front of ourselves is Sophia. She has also citizenship of UAE. It's actually a great thing.

You can see the Sophiya ability by seen this video.


Autopilot car, Smart AI car, related those things called AI automobile revocation.

Today, too many automobile companies try to find the best artificial intelligence control to develop the smart Autopilot car, there also has been succeeding in many parts to develop it best.

Powerfull companies for AI cars is, Tesla, Cadillac, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan / Infiniti, Toyota, Honda.


In short, Artificial intelligence covers all things after a few years because it has too strong power to do anything.

In my personal opinion, it will become problematic for humans being.

I explain the artificial intelligence pros here.

  • Humans will become lazy behind smart robots and technologies.
  • Awareness, love, relationships will become less and in humans, it will become almost abolish.
  • All things of humans will be depended on AI robots than their own selves.
  • The robots will become too strong as compared to humans in many situations such as politically, socially, dictate.
  • Humans will lose their own thinking stability in front of artificial intelligence robots.

I explain artificial intelligence benefits.

  • All things will become easy which are too hard to do by humans such as some hard medical surgeries, sounding space research, geology research, biology revolutions.
  • The world will become easy to understand by smart AI gadgets.
  • Education, space travel, and live holo communication will become strong.


The different part of artificial intelligence technology.

  1. Reactive machines
  2. Limited memory
  3. Theory of mind
  4. Self-awareness

Examples of AI technology.

  1. Automation
  2. Machine learning
  3. Machine vision
  4. Natural language processing
  5. Robotics
  6. Self-driving cars

Artificial intelligence applications.

  1. AI in healthcare
  2. AI in business
  3. AI in manufacturing
  4. AI in education and many more.

Today's powerful companies in the AI field are Google AI, Amazon AI, IBM, Microsoft. 

The jobs and research scope of artificial intelligence is huge.

IBM talking about AI revolution. See the video below.


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