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How to make a sitemap

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1. What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is one kind of part of SCO. It a list of website URLs. It gives a flow of your site to Google(Search engine) to understand your site URL and structure well. On behalf of this, you can rank on google search, not very quick but you will see a change of your site the daily traffic analytics after using site map structure.

The site map is 100% beneficial for your sites' ranking on Search engines.

Sitemap formate is .xml


2. Why do you need a create sitemap?

It a really important question for new programmers. Sitemap needs because you want to increase your sites' rank in front of your sites' competitors.

Furthermore, if your site is SCO friendly, but your sites' rank is not well on Google. In this case, you do create your sites' sitemap and put it on your site, and continue to work with it. You will definitely get good outcomes on behalf of new sitemap help.


3. How does sitemap work?

Your site tells the search engine about your sites' URLs mapping and a structure that is easy to follow it and it helps to find your sites' URL on search engine quickly.

It helps to generate more organic traffic on your site with the help of an XML sitemap.


So the main question is here is how to make a site map?

4. How to make a sitemap?

You have two choices to do it, but it also depends on your site map requirements.

  1. If your site has normally under 500 URLs, so here you can use simple steps to generate it quick within a few seconds. (I explain it below)
  2. if your site has more than 500 URLs, in this case, you need to make it by a PHP script otherwise buy PRO version of the sitemap generator site. (I explain it below)



# How to create a site map under 500 URLs request?

You can use free sitemap generator tools.

Best free site to generate a site map, which is XML-sitemaps



Wait a while to generate your sites' sitemap, maybe it will be taken a little bit time if the URL is too much.

Once After completing the process, it will look like the below screenshot.



Now you need to download the sitemap file and fix it on Google Search console. (I explain below, how to set a sitemap.xml on google search console)

After download, the .xml file uploads it on the root folder of your project directory.

For example,



# How to create a site map for more than 500 URLs request?

  1. You can buy the Pro version of XML-Sitemaps
  2. You can make own sitemap.xml file. Using a PHP script.


5. How to submit your sitemap to Google?

Go to the Google search console, Press the start now and sing in.

Add property.

Before select Domain or URL prefix, you need to check and read this, Types of website properties



After insert Property. You need to follow the below screenshot to add your sites' XML sitemap into Google search console.



For instant,

There you can see sitemap type, status, and total URLs.


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