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Potential of YOGA and elements

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  • On- 15 Dec, 2019
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Today's people need to do Yoga to boost their mental and physical ability. On behalf of this, I would like to display one small story as a two-person talk in front of you to understand what our life needs actually.

The modern conception of yoga with different self-realization.

1. How is Yoga Namaskar actually different from thousands of books on yoga in the current market?

  • It is more than a book of asanas. It is a documentation of the yogic tradition that has been inherited deep within the mountains. Many years ago, during my humbling honor to be the channel or medium through which this divine knowledge spreads to the world. Within this book are the teachings of the Maha Himalayas, the source to which all yogic traditions belong. I am merely transferring the teachings of the great gurus of the Himalayas to benefit yogis all across the globe. 
  • The practice of Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar has received widespread importance. The same must now reach the other elements that make up the human body, namely Akash, space; Vayu, wind; Agni, fire; jar, water, and Prithvi, earth. It is this information that completes the practice.


2. You heard only of Surya and Chandra Namaskar. Do you never know how different and powerful are the other namaskars?

  • In yoga science, human things and all things which are in this universe are almost made up of the five elements: Akash(sky), Vayu(air), Agni(fire), Jal(water), and Prithvi(earth). The exercise of Surya Namaskar effect the Surya Nadi or sun channel within the body, in like manner, the exercise of the tattva namaskars will affect and enhance these elements within us.
  • Regular exercise of these namaskars will automatically rise your life with not only the positive power but also increase your mental strongness of each element. the love among two-person authority increases after their child. the reason is the bond of two persons which has been to help to connect to each other it will become too strong on behalf of their child. The yoga namaskars are the method to form a relationship of love and respect towards which can help to make ourselves happy.


3. Today people believe that we need to do yoga after the 40s and above? So actually we need to arrey with those people think?

  • For too many years, I have seen people thinking about yoga activity or exercise, but however; mostly their find some ways to make their body and health well but they are connected direct or indirect with yoga.
  • With so many switches in the field, an impressive interest has been civilized in younger minds to get the better involved in yoga which will now the greatest awareness among the youngster about powerfull health.when we say the extremely health,  it indicates the health of the body, mind and spirit and yoga is the only mode of life that treats all the above things.


4. Please give me an explanation for a better life.

  • The exercise of asanas will surlily affect the body and help the practitioner in achieving their ideal weight. These asanas and pranayama techniques also regulate all bodily functions and bring balance to the body
  • This is just the start-up for any perilous practitioner of yoga. The journey of yoga is a life-long walk-of-life with many lovely gifts and prizes along the way.


The Essence of Yoga by Gaur Gopal Das.

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