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Indian Government need to do this

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  • On- 23 Jan, 2020
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Honestly, the Indian Government needs to do this.

India is the second-largest populated country in the world. In with poverty, starvation, corruption, wrong competition among the government leaders and people.

Those unwanted things push down our country's stability. We never think about it because we have been focusing to get more and more money and the reputation of ourselves between our society.

However, Actually we need to focus on our economic status. day by day we are losing our freedom, atmosphere, good country stream, and many more things on behalf of our wrong attitude.


Focus on our Government background

You find many faults about any kind of topic there.

The first point is that 60 to 70% of our political leaders are uneducated, this is a big problem here. They only know that how we can cheat our country's people. Because they have no education which can help to stop themself in front of corruption and cheating.

In my point of view, they are coming into our government due to collect the bank balance. Sorry about it, but it's 100% true.

However, who are living with education In our government cannot do anything in front of uneducated leaders because educated leaders are recently new in our Government. And those bank balance leaders are more than those. Therefore educated leaders cannot go ahead.

We need to lose those kinds of leaders from our government with their sit.


Benefits of educated political leaders.

In some states of India, we have been seeing the state has educated leaders. The face of those states is something like different from the other states

We need to makeover our Government bases. Therefore our India would actually go ahead with other best countries. I am not saying it not happen here but it's actually with something missing part such reality of people's thoughts, the reality of aim of government stream. We feel our progress is going on, but not with well.

We would need to try to remove the corruption from the country. Our country people can do it with proper structure of election and election candidates and with support of each other.

Now I shall need to compare our government with the top countries' governments. Therefore our countries' people will understand the actual intention.

look at Government of the Russian, United Arab, United Kingdom, China, United States, Israel. Those are too much strong with their political status; however, they have no very big problem with a population. In this case, We need to focus on our neighborhood country chine. This country has 36.28% to 40% more population than our Inda but India is too far from them the competition in any case like a business, technology zone, education, politicization.

Due to our Selfish Government, I know it's not acceptable but that thing knows every single person of India. You know what, we can not do anything in front of this because of our ignorable attitude and bad adjustable character.

Therefore, Every single month we lose thousands of our intelligent student and future views from India, Maybe, they feel uncomfortable in India. In this situation, Overseas countries take benefit of our Indian talent. That not good but who listens here.

Most political leaders like to collect their bank balance rather than focusing on the Increase country flow in every direction. On behalf of these people, people like to go outside of our country.


Talk about our country education stream

Every single day education is becoming a business in the private sector. Our Government needs to stop those kinds of things from society and rise the best government education system with every year's education upgrade plan.

Everyone knows that modification takes too much time to give the best result, but if we do not do it in these years, definitely we will lose many many things form our country.


Note* You can not take any action to me because of those all thing is imaginary and reality, 

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