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How to change a life by knowing the law of attraction?

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Basic overview of the law of attraction is that,

That is Believe, in your confidence, in your excitement, in your thought power, and also in your action. Those all things are connected to the law of attraction.

Everyone attached within the law of attraction: either consciously or subconsciously.

My means, every person knows their moments which happen with them, every time with their thinking and without their thinking those moments pass out in front of them.

It is a little bit complicated to understand, but believe me, that end of this article you will know better about "Low of attraction". In addition to this, you can also understand how can I applied this with my life. I shall try my best to explain my best understanding of the Law of attraction.


1. What is the law of attraction?



The law of attraction is one kind of belive of your positive and negative thought and your confidence in front of your achievements and the power of desire.

This is a universal power such as gravity power, which can help to puss out life in a better and good way.

It is working base on your focus, your energy, your attraction behind getting your goals and achievements.

What you want with your life think about that with your positions and deliberate. Without any other persons' interaction. That law is working with you as your "Zini", which you give order them he fills full it. Zini never thinks your order will give the best result or not they only focus on your order. Similar to this, In our case, that Zini is our around nature. Which you want from nature, they will give you.

As an illustration,

Today, most people interested to read the new concept and attractive books in their life. So they are frequently thinking about some books' concepts which they want to read once a time in their life. Such as inspirational books, harry potter books, world popular and attractive concept books. moreover, in this case, that time they don't think more about it but grossly they think about those new readings in their free time and after seeing some book camp.

In short, they repeat that thought in their mind at a specific time without personal disturbance.

As an outcome, coincidently they get some books that they want to read, such as a birthday gift, proposition gift, or any other ways but they get it without any personal investment.

Story conclusion,

Behind that result, they always thought positively, and they also did become energetic for those thoughts, therefore they got it without any personal run-away from nature.

If they thought negative for it so they never can get it.


2. How the law of attraction is working?

It is entirely your environment that you are creating around you, and it is also working base on the action of your goals.

Case 1, One morning you think, today my day will become not good. Definitely that time you drop a message for nature to follow the stream that you thought. And nature would be followed it without any notice that is a bad or good thought and will give you the outcome of your thought up to you at any time.

Case 2, Whenever you forget your driving license at your home or office, at that time most people think if I would catch by police. On behalf of this small negative thinking, 60 to 70 percent of people are caught by the police.

Everyone has felt and faced those cases in their life.

Which things you are thinking about that. Those things generally happen to you.

On the other hand, Our thinking power is almost going wrong, because we are always thinking negative first as compared to the positive thoughts. so our negative power is too strong to give the order to follow up our thoughts by nature. Therefore we get results very quickly.

When our positive thought takes time to give proper results, our time of positive thinking we also think about the negative point. therefore it takes time.

Try it yourself, you think today is going on too bad with me. Apart from this, you feel it continually without any interruption. Finally, that night, you'll notice and feel that your day was really too bad; However, If you try to change your think in a positive way (otherwise avoid this situation by saying that the next moment will become good with me ), definitely you would feel peace and better at that night.

In short, develop positive thoughts and avoid thinking negatively in your daily routine life to make your future and your world better in front of different challenges.



3. How can use the law of attraction in our life?

First, we need to focus on our particular goal rather than wandering to find success in our goal. Human being mind has not stable thinking ability, that has been always found new and different things to doing one particular phenomenon.

So you need to focus on a particular phenomenon, for getting the best result of it rather than different thinking.

Once you decide to do anything, that time try to avoid negative things which can lose your confidence in front of your decision. In this case, only try to make more positive things than the negative.

Always say to yourself "I am the best in any field", and make it your habit. After a few days, you will see the magic and find many changes in your same daily routine life however it will same as previous but you would feel something different from the old lifestyle and your old atmosphere.

How can you do it that stream in your life regularly?

Every morning, before sleep, and when you are getting free from your busy schedule that time revision your goals thought.

Make dairy and write all your goals there with proper vision, otherwise set your goals at your computer desk, mobile wallpaper or anywhere you would see that easily at your time.

That not easy to follow but when you would be started to do it daily, you would feel a change and used to do it well as your passion.


4. History of the law of attraction

People have been living on earth for thousands and thousands of years. They always live with the law of attraction. You are reading this article that is still part of your positive and negative frequency which you are throwing in front of your Zini(nature), and nature gives the outcome of your thoughts.

Everything you do that is part of the law of attraction but you didn't know about it because whenever you get your success, that time you feel relax and the go-ahead for new achievement; however, you never did stop yourself for thinking how it possible with me. Therefore you never feel the law of attraction.

After reading this article, you would think about your past work and turn your gaze into it definitely you will find that the law of attraction is always with me.

Faith in God, faith in something which can give you good luck such as Karma, luck thing. Those all point with people, and people have been always living with those types of things.

Faith on god is the biggest medicine of any problem because that gives you peace, that time you would never think about a negative point, so your part of positive energy has a lot of strong power to archive the best outcome. In this case, 90 percentage you will get the best result.

For example,

Mahatma Gandhi had too much strong positive power to get freedom from Britisher with non-violence. Therefore they got freedom without any big war.

In the old-time, for people was not any kind of hi-tech equipment to treat diseases, in spite of, they did live with their life. The reason is that they had only positive faith in God and in enthusiastically.


5. Make better love and relationship using the law of attraction



If you are in love and relationship, definitely you want to make it well-done for and your life-partner.

After a few months and years of relationship or love, everyone faces uncomfortable space among them. So how you can apply the law of attraction in your life for it.

Find in your partners' attractive things which you like and want to always live with you. The rest of the bad point and negative thing try to avoid.

Write all your collective good points of your partner on one page, read every time when you are angry in front of them, and think why I am loving with him or her. Try to remember the first love moment that did with you by her or him. I promise you definitely you would get a smile on your to face and the reputation of one single thing will help you to get the best lifestyle with your partner.

Try it only one week, you will find a change in your relationship.

We have no authority to change someone's character and lifestyle, so we need to change our thinking to live with them. If your partner also understands the law of attraction, you never get a problem in your relationship.


Best representative book,


Interesting movie story which can try to understand the law of attraction.


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