Discussion about irritation

Discussion about irritation

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  • On- 16 Dec, 2019
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Do you feel irritated?

With so much stress and tension in our lives, we tend to be highly irritable. Everyone needs to recharge our emotional life batteries daily.

I represent one small story as a two-person talk in front of you to understand what your life needs actually.


1. Irritation may not be potent emotions like anger but it fizzes inside and can surface any time. How can we stop ourselves from feeling irritated?

  • Irritation is only a little form of anger. it is just like that, you do not throw the glass and shouting, but you are cribbing, and often is critical. it is a sing that you are not mentally(emotionally) strong. rather than us choosing our level of mind in that situation. So here, one equation of life which has gone wrong for most of us is that the situation and people's conduct is the cause of how we feel. mostly we say, "you are irritating me", "those people are irritating".
  • It the same situation, one person will be aggressive, another will be peaceful, and yet another will be irritated, So it is not about the situation. Once the fundamental equation of life is set right that, 'I am creating this and if I will continue doing this, the loss is not theirs; it is my energy which is getting depleted,' things will change.


2. How do I keep in mind all the time that I am the creator of this situation?

  • You don't have to take care of this. In the morning, when you rise up, that time just create a thought at your mind, I am peaceful, I am powerful being. I am emotionally self-sufficient, I am the creator of my thinking and feelings and behavior. These affirmations are so important as they will help to prepare you for the day, knowing fully well that people and situations may not always be your way.


3. We might start out the day with a dainty thought, but soon it all piquancy out. so how can we sustain the positivity every time?

  • After every few moments, pause yourself for a minute and do revision your morning through, for which you were thinking. After its process, you will come back to your better situation, it will the same as the morning situation. Even if you do realize that you did get irritated, that time never says that it has happened by others; don't give the power away, instead, think that 'It is found, it happened, and think next time I will be alert and careful. A small unlearning is mandatory, it can take a few days and after those, your habit will be changed forever.
  • Normally take up those kinds of situations that you are facing on a daily basis such as very bad traffic and someone stands at their car horn. The problem actually lies in believing that there is nothing wrong with getting irritated, but you have to realize that, it is your life battery power, not of others. Therefore, you need to never discharge your life battery at an unwanted moment.


4. What is the thing which the big contributor to a breakdown in relationships?

  • Nowadays, Most people who come to me discuss relationship issues, because people are not interested to adjust their things. today Social media take a huge part in this situation because now people try to find their best hope at drop messages and surfing, but actually they don't know it will give you irritation.
  • People have become small thinkers being on behalf of their unpredictable challenges.


5. "Adjust" is not a good message today as it is being equated with being a doormat!

  • Adjust has one meaning in the world, which your samskara and my samsjaras, it bound to be disparate. however, you don't want to adjust, you won't be able to live with anybody or work with anybody. those all these things happens mainly, due to we are not energizing ourselves enough, emotionally.


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