Quotes of Mistinguett

“ A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every woman ought to know. ”

- Mistinguett

“ Every true love and friendship is a story of unexpected transformation. If we are the same person before and after we loved, that means we haven't loved enough. ”

- Elif Shafak

“ Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. ”

- Kevin Durant

“ Freedom is an inborn destination. Freedom is within our DNA. ”

- Talismanist Giebra

“ Three years? That's a thousand tomorrows, ma'am. ”

- Karen Kingsbury

“ You push the TRUTH off a cliff, but it will always fly. You can submerge the TRUTH under water, but it will not drown. You can place the TRUTH in the fire, but it will survive. You can bury the TRUTH beneath the ground, but it will arise. TRUTH always prevails! ”

- Amaka Imani Nkosazana

“ They say: 'If a man knew himself, he would know all mankind.' I say: 'If a man loved mankind, he would know something of himself. ”

- Khalil Gibran

“ Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit. ”

- Elbert Hubbard

“ Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. ”

- Roy T. Bennett

“ There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. ”

- Colin Powell

“ Reality is wrong. Dreams are for the real. ”

- Tupac Shakur

“ Try your best or choose your best. It's your choice. ”

- Jackie Cantoni

“ Man jadda wajada Siapa yang bersungguh sungguh, akan berhasil ”

- Ahmad Fuadi



“ Life has a funny way of expressing itself. I learned that during light or darkness we have to trust the path and follow directions in order to survive the transformation. ”

- Charlena E. Jackson

“ What matters is not what we do, or to whom we give. What matters is that we let our lives be guided by Love. ”

- Peter M Parr

“ Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ when you're cool for twenty, you get paid for twentyone. ”

- Miguel Pinero

“ You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul. ”

- Julie de Lespinasse

“ The commonality of who we are is not what we believe, but how we love. ”

- Jackie Griffin

“ The important thing to you is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years! ”

- Edward J. Stieglitz

“ Love Embracing Tao, you become embraced. Supple, breathing gently, you become reborn. Clearing your vision, you become clear. Nurturing your beloved, you become impartial. Opening your heart, you become accepted. Accepting the World, you embrace Tao. Bearing and nurturing, Creating but not owning, Giving without demanding, Controlling without authority, This is love. ”

- Laozi

“ Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back. ”

- Criss Jami

“ You are not a victim. No matter what you have been through, you're still here. You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten, and discouraged, but nothing has defeated you. You are still here! You have been delayed but not denied. You are not a victim, you are a victor. You have a history of victory. ”

- Steve Maraboli

“ Hate cannot keep you from falling, love cannot keep you from rising. ”

- Matshona Dhliwayo