Quotes of Charlena E. Jackson

“ Unapologetic for My Flaws and ALL! ”

- Charlena E. Jackson

“ There is much to be said for the constructive contribution to creative and spiritual life; suffering can temper the soul. ”

- Daniel Goleman

“ My dear Watson," said [Sherlock Holmes], "I cannot agree with those who rank modesty among the virtues. To the logician all things should be seen exactly as they are, and to underestimate one's self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate one's own powers. ”

- Arthur Conan Doyle

“ I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they? ”

- Jess C. Scott

“ Words are not enough to express my feelings for you. But all I can tell you is that a part of me dies each time you go faraway from me. ”

- Avijeet Das

“ Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen. ”

- Roy Bennett

“ My love for does not recognize boundaries, distances, borders, or timezones! ”

- Avijeet Das

“ God’s joy can fill our days with gladness until we receive the answer we are waiting for. ”

- Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

“ I couldn't make myself be cautious around her. A little voice in my head kept trying to tell me that every word she said could be disinformation and that she might be playing me for a fool. But I didn't believe it. I trusted her, even though I had every reason not to. ”

- Ernest Cline

“ The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison, was the miracle. ”

- Anais Nin

“ Stay strong, stay positive, and never give up. ”

- Roy Bennett

“ If you can inspire someone daily that is payment enough ”

- James D Wilson

“ It is not doing the things we like to do, liking the thing we have to do that makes life blessed. ”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“ You have to fight, because if you don't, you let the opponent win, and if your opponent is cancer, the results can be deadly. ”

- Lawrence Wray

“ What comes from the heart, goes to the heart. ”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“ Reality is wrong. Dreams are for the real. ”

- Tupac Shakur

“ Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. ”

- George S. Patton

“ i love to see you every day. ”

- amad

“ Each writer is unique. We must write in our unique way. ”

- Avijeet Das

“ I’ve been around the world, and I thought I’d seen everything it had to offer until that night, until I saw you. In all my life, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, not standing in the Blue Mosque or the Taj Mahal. Not in the streets of Rome or canals of Venice. Making you smile gives me life. Making you laugh gives me hope. Making you happy is all I want, other than to keep you ”

- Staci Hart

“ What you are to do without me I cannot imagine. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. ”

- Unknown

“ Winning is you just have to be quick, you snooze you lose ”

- Akhil Gupta

“ Perhaps love is the process of my gently leading you back to yourself. ”

- Antoine de Saint

“ Do not presume that richness or poorness will bring you happiness. ”

- Santosh Kalwar