Quotes of Collar

“ Surely the fact that a uniformed police officer is wearing his hair below his collar will make him no less identifiable as a policeman. ”

- Thurgood Marshall

“ I wear a necklace, cause I wanna know when I'm upside down. ”

- Mitch Hedberg

“ And Mr. Ruff could have answered that question directly. He did not and his failure to do so speaks a thousand words. ”

- Charles Ruff

“ When I look back at the 1980s I pinch myself. Did I really do all that? ”

- Cynthia Payne

“ It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart. ”

- Unknown

“ The NBA is a big family, and I think of all these rookies as my brothers. I still believe I am blue collar among the All-Stars. ”

- Yao Ming

“ I remember in that red leisure suit I sort of felt like a Pizza Hut employee, and the white one was the ultimate, with the white turtleneck collar, that was the ultimate in bad taste. ”

- Johnny Depp

“ Whether one eats a cat or not is a personal choice, and I don't want to sway anyone one way or another. But if you do, there is one obvious cooking tip: Always remember to remove the bell from the cat's collar before cooking. ”

- Mike Royko

“ I think I have a good reputation around town as a hard-working actor who shows up and does his stuff and is professional. I like to think I have a blue collar work ethic. I've never seen acting as a birth right, something that you should take for granted… ”

- Robert Patrick

“ Vernon Reis opened the world to me through books. He taught me that while I was physically firmly planted in blue-collar Auburn, Washington in the 50s and early 60s, intellectually I could go anywhere, explore anything, and sample exciting new ideas simply by opening a book. ”

- Christine Gregoire
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