What are actual life and formula

What are actual life and formula

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"Actual life and formula"

Today the big concern is that what is the actual life begins and formula of it?

Life is nothing only our physical and mental body activities in our daily routine. it is more than that, but we never try to understand the actual one.

Today, I shall try to do the best definition of life as my personal experience.


1. Our physical and mental activities are one part of begin life.

For example,  - In our mind, what is the life of a small child.

- Maybe, we have only one answer, nothing more than the normal life.

Yes, you are right, nothing more there.

However, we follow this stream in our whole life, but I can't like to say it full life definition. because, child life is between normal activity such as every morning gonna the school, eating snacks, do sleep, do tuition, do homework, do play, and many more. actual is a daily routing not life.

In my point of view, " Life is a collection of thousands of moments of not only other people, but it also your day hopeless, peace, love, action, relationship, and each moment which are happened with you. "

I would like to call it one " nutrition bucket ", which has been giving all kinds of power for your life, body, and thinking.


Tips for better life.


2. Life definition in my words is that,

  1. Your helpless attitude in front of the world things
  2. Your compassionate behavior for anyone.
  3. Your positive Self-confidence power.
  4. Your action,  your family members and others who connected with your life.
  5. Your helping character
  6. Your positive attitude for your work, your life, your family, world things.
  7. Your positive patience.

The collection of those all kinds of things has been helping to make your actual life. I am not telling you that, all things are required in your daily routine, but you should need to try to follow someone in proper places so you can enjoy one moment of real life.


As an illustration,

Bad experience example,  A crude person never happy behind their life, because they always miss something in their life such as relationships, strong background life, trust at other people; however, they also lose that, other people can't quick trust those kinds of people.

Good experience example, Gautama Buddha was a very amazing person on their epoch. They always followed those types of stuff in their life such as peace, help, patience. And now you know them well. after too many eras still, almost everybody knows him. this is true life.

I know, we can't become like him, but we need to try to become like him at our one corner of life.


I hope you like my personal opinion about one real life.


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